DMT faux abstract

Lauren, Trisha and Justin

I present to you here an archive of teaching narratives, but one altogether different from any that currently exist on the web, and the web is indeed where this alive and material piece shall thrive.
It begins as a collection via technology of teaching narratives, using Bruno Latour’s (anti)theoretical framework, we follow the actors–the teachers and their narratives–but we also follow ourselves as the researchers. This archive will live as three simultaneous and interconnected, though experienced as a whole, web movements. One level will be the digital (video) recorded narratives of teachers here at the University of Pittsburgh; the next level–though not in any hierarchical order–will be the collection of their actual, in class, teaching experience/lecture along with their syllabi and preparations for the class recorded. This works to give the viewer a trace and material (though now digital) process of the narrative. This seeks to accomplish something very different from most traditional teaching narrative archives, which merely offer the narrative. The 3rd level functions as our theory and accounting for technology in our research. This level is rhizomatic in structure and theoretical in language. It makes bare the flows in our research, the ontology of objects at work with teachers and with us–the researchers. Tacitly, and even exploitativly, this level also offers some subtle persuasion to those of you who are pedagogically inclined. It attempts an answer to the question: what would it mean to ask students specifically not to write the kind of essays that Pitt is most known for asking them to write? Put another way, what does it mean to teach with the digital?


~ by trisha77 on November 15, 2010.

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