A Digital Fashion Archive

I plan to create a digital archive of fashion and personal style guide excerpts, magazine clippings and ads, videos, and blog posts from the early 1900s to the present. The site will include content such as: a page from a 1970s dress-for-success guide that encourages single women to wear a wedding band when they’re in the workplace, a 1940s makeup application video, a vintage ad for plus-size clothing, and a turn of the century chart that prescribes what to wear when and where. This piece will not be a critical inquiry, but instead simply a gallery to house historic and contemporary artifacts. It will in no way aim to be comprehensive but instead create a visual story based on my interests and discoveries on my hunt for fashion inspiration. The hope is that the material on display will serve as a resource for visitors working on projects of their own: anything from a mood board to a blog post complaining about the unfair confines of a corset. I’m interested in the idea of fashion democratization, and how personal style bloggers have opened up the world of fashion to the “ordinary girl.” Where once only an elite few were able to dictate the next big trend, now street style, as seen on blogs, is making more of an influence than ever, and personal style bloggers are acting as muses for big name designers.

~ by turifesler on November 18, 2010.

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