Building Blocks

Matt Russell

Building Blocks


            I’ve decided to think a bit about how what we are reading and discussing for the theory section of our class is building upon the work we are creating on Tuesdays during the tech part of our class. I think the key word here is “creating”.


Yesterday, during class, I created my first webpage ever. I used one of the most basic of coding systems to create a (very basic) webpage. HTML codes and tags were the building blocks of this website. Now I have blogged before and I have used Tumblr and Blogger, but aside from a little bit of Myspace code back in the day, I have never had to create a website in this way before and it was interesting to see the way these pages that I use everyday are actually made. I think what all of the authors of these essays and podcasts that we’ve been examining have in common is this spirit of creation. They all have this excitement that comes from creating something new with technology.


Sort of like my excitement upon discovering with how these brackets and lowercase letters could form anything other than a page that originally looked to me like someone slammed their fist down on the keyboard, the authors we discussed on our firs theory Thursday were all working with this idea that the most basic matter and material can take on sort of a life of its own. The most basic “stuff” can take on a dynamic purpose. Bennet discussed how “found objects could become vibrant things.” (xvi)


There’s this energy she expresses for working from the bottom and building things up instead of trying to examine them by taking them apart. Vannevar Bush expresses this same energy as he describes how various technologies can be redesigned, reconstructed, and combined to form new technologies that will better suit our needs. This spirit of building and creation is especially prevalent in the podcasts, most of which address new technological advances and include commentary from experts. Yesterdays Marketplace Tech Report was all about mesh networks and how they are recently being built as a new way to avoid being monitored. As a sort of concluding idea, I think the most prevalent theme among the various articles, essays, and podcasts we’ve been examining is this spirit of building and creation. This, of course, directly relates to theme of the class. 

~ by mbr340 on September 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Building Blocks”

  1. This post made me think more about the implication of building a web pages and creating ‘things’. While Bennet and De Landa force us to dissect things and matter, unfold them to understand them, your approach is a little different and relate to my experience of building my first web page, a creation that necessitates understanding the role of every keystroke. If the web is not a perfect example of something vibrant, I don’t know what is.

  2. The ‘spirit of creation’ you are referring to is a really neat idea and can be applied to so many “things” as the above comment refers to, as well as industries. This ‘spirit of creation’ founded so many things, places, buildings, and academic topics (creation of research!).

    Also, consider how this ‘spirit’ applies to your ecology, how it was created and how it thrives because this ‘spirit’ of creation still exists, or how it is diminishing, because there’s no ‘spirit’ and you’re trying to revive it, or find out why it is failing, with your examination.

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