Why Don’t People Follow Politics?

Why don’t people follow politics? 

This is a question I even ask myself, a person who cannot claim that they “don’t care” about the state of the world, even their own town. To cut to the chase, a reason that is often repeated for being less-than-knowledgable is that politics are too complex.  Why should one be responsible for chasing after news developments when there are jobs, family obligations, and stresses of everyday life to attend to first?

Why then do we participate in other complex systems requiring diligent attention during our leisure times? Being up-to-date on sports, for example, is an everyday task. To gather all the information on one’s own is almost impossible. To assist with this, commercial industries have flooded the market with a range of products, shows, applications, and more to assist the sports fanatic with the Super-Fan status.   


It is obvious by public example to be well versed in pop-culture and sports that there is a discrepancy in the willingness and ease of consuming political news. We can dive into to theories surrounding this and find ourselves swimming in reasoning: that we’re attracted to sex or drama, and things that will help craft social connections. Instead, let us look at those technologies that are available to complex organization, and what can be created to help promote interaction and understanding of the political processes. 


In “A File Structure for the Complex, the Changing and the Indeterminate” by Theodor H. Nelson, Nelson imagines a computer program designed to assist the human creative process. In this system, filing structures and organization are meant to related to other versions of, and/or similar ideas. The system tracks and connects work in order to facilitate the creative process and assessing the user by bringing to attention connected points. 


Nelson’s 1964 vision has surely been adapted in the modern day almost 50 years later! Why not adapt this into aiding the personal understanding of something that effects us all, who represents us politically. Though interactive-technologies pop up for large political events, they seem to vanish once the main event (the Presidential Election) is over. Sport and celebrity news remains mainstream even after the Super Bowl or the Grammys, so why should politics be any different? This era is one of information, let us find a way to integrate political information into the common discourse.






Nelson, Theodor H. “A File Structure for The Complex, The Changing and the Indeterminate.”


-Natalia Ramirez 

~ by ramireznatalia on September 25, 2013.

2 Responses to “Why Don’t People Follow Politics?”

  1. The title caught my eyes because I wonder “why don’t people follow politics”. And I want to read this blog to find out the reason.

  2. Strangly enough, I would read this because of the subject. I’m very interested in politics and I want to know how to get people interested in it!

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