Kittler and Code


I actually had a tough time wrestling with Kittler’s essay on code. It was clear what he was doing. He laid the groundwork for the modern day use of “code”, busting the myth that it is intrinsically and exclusively linked to the age of computing. Kittler made it very clear that humanity as a species is rooted in the evolution of codes.

What I failed to grasp from the reading was how exactly to relay everything back to software studies. Was his input just meant to shed new light on every code and cipher that ever existed? While I was reading, I was looking for a conclusive statement that would tie everything back to computer coding and programming. Maybe I was too determined for the author to take his argument that direction and ended up getting blindsided.

The biggest issue I had with the code chapter is that, while I think it would spark a riveting discussion, I don’t think it does a great job standing alone on a page. By the end of it, I was trying to understand what legal codes had to do with his closing statement about developing indecipherable computer codes that are absolute hell to pass along.

He is criticizing the relationship between code and language, but does he have a solution for us? Is he just posing questions and issues – food for thought?

I suppose I’m looking for that discussion here. If you have experience any clarity reading through this chapter, I would love to hear it.

Madison Neufeld

~ by Madison on October 30, 2013.