Music as Code

There is a type of flow, just like coding has, that music achieves. This flow of code within written music enables a plethora of combinations and possibilities that form into a song (as code forms into a program). Consider the notes in music, there are only a hand full of notes but together they form into chords. These chords create a layout of sorts for songs. These notes and chords are able to be rearranged over and over to create new music. The possibilities are endless (hence why we have new songs). Notes form the chords and together they follow a rhythm or beat to execute a song; it is a network like system.

As code has elegance, so does music. Elegance is intrinsic in written music. The leanness of code allows it to run with precision just as the elegance of sheet music allows it to be played beautifully. Through experimentation, elegance is practiced and learned especially when code, or in this case music, gets increasingly complex. The ability to understand and grasp control of the music is really the key to obtaining elegance. In essence music is like a code of its own and musicians objective is to reach this elegance.



~ by diglitchristine on October 30, 2013.