A Honeycomb System


 Unbeknownst to most, there is an intricate system of licenses, permits, area boundaries, and limitations that structure the omnipresent street performances all throughout Manhattan. This system is governed by the parks department and Music Under New York association. Despite their limiting rules and regulations however, performers have sorted their own network, a distributed network that would resemble a honeycomb if mapped out. Their system is devised of  the ongoing interconnection and communication amongst the performers themselves. Grouped by area, for example Union Square, performers help each other and work together to alert each other if police were coming to penalize them or revoke their performing rights for selling cd’s publicly (that’s right, they are not allowed to sell their cd’s while performing). Just like the bees in their hives in Insect Media, it is an unspoken union and partnership that they participate in because they are grouped together by this common need/circumstance.

Like our exercise during class, we saw how the classmates decided to help each other out holding hands, latching on to each other forming groups. Within these groups, despite the goal to eliminate everyone else to save yourself, students actually helped one another. Maybe because their survival was contingent on the wellness of their groups or maybe because they felt a bond and sense of grouping. This is how the street performers are. One performer will watch out for the others in their area because their acts may be different but they are helping by attracting people to the area, which in turn helps all the performers gain audience and attraction as well. I believe that it is in our nature to communicate and help each other as a network. Because in the end, everyone needs a little help.




~ by diglitchristine on November 19, 2013.

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