Laws and Fivepointz (Of Course)

Just Fun and Games

We played two types of games in one class in which we set rules to accomplish certain goals. The first sets of goals were community driven and meant to power social survival. The second sets of rules were individually driven and meant to wipe out any competition. Of course there were differences in the way that these rules were constructed. The social survival driven rules were helpful, generally easy to accomplish, and were written to empower. The selfish ones were written to confuse, persuade, and benefit one instead of the general masses.

 Until Someone’s Masterpiece and a Community is Uprooted

This reminds me of what happened at Fivepointz today. For the past few years, the owners of Fivepointz has been in a legal battle with the artists whose murals lined the walls. The owner wanted to demolish the structure to build a condo complex and the artists clearly want to save the work. While they couldn’t cooperatively come up with a solution, even though offers were made on the building to buy the Wolkoffs off and attempts were made to landmark the building, nothing matched up and it took a longstanding court decision to change the impasse.


 Unfortunately, the collective group wasn’t a match for the black and white laws that enabled one man to do as he pleased with something that had grown out of his hands. So not only will the demolition take place, the walls were covered last night with white paint, erasing what had been painted before.


So… Do We Stop Playing Games?  

While I understand the laws and recognize that he was within rights LEGALLY, I don’t think he was within his rights morally. But that’s another story for another day. These instances like Fivepointz represent cases where sometimes our laws that were MEANT to be constructive and for the betterment of the whole work against the whole and benefit the singular 1%. While laws were written for the perfect world and the perfect scenario with the betterment of society in mind, sometimes these fall short and become incredibly divisive.

Or Do We Play On? Image 

We live in a world full of laws written to benefit certain parties greatly, but this is a case where a simple law that most citizens would agree is “fair.” But then when faced with this dilemma, most say (including me), that it wasn’t fair for him to destroy it.


Where do we draw the line of retracting our laws and ideals for certain exceptions? Should exceptions be made?


This, I don’t know the answer to. I only know that sometimes our rules that make for a better social society sometimes backfire and have serious ramifications. 

R.I.P. Fivepointz. 


-Cat Schmitz 


~ by cs3309 on November 19, 2013.

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