Is It Worth It To Order Food Online?

In the beginning, I really doubted that my favorite diner had any type of technological involvement. The cash register was old and nothing about the restaurant suggested modern technology. It wasn’t until a friend and I actually thought about getting delivery from the dinner across the street that I realized I was wrong. Delivery seemed like a good idea at the time with the unexpected snow and rain. While in the end we decided to make the commute across the street to pick up our own food, before finally making the noble decision, we made some interesting discoveries about the diner online.


A sample of the diner menu on

I knew they must’ve delivered due to the amount of bikes parked outside the diner, but I had no idea they were on I guess in the city most restaurants are, but for some reason I was surprised that such a small diner was listed. When trying to put in an order on the website, a lot of ideas about Evil Media came to mind. First of all, it does scare me quite a bit to release my credit card information and address to the restaurant online. After reading about evil media, it was hard for me to feel completely secure submitting this type of information. Especially since the information is saved. Another aspect that struck me was the actual orders themselves. You can actually save you favorite orders and use it again and again. It makes it that much easier to submit an order for delivery. However, I found this slightly troubling that the restaurant is able to own information about customers like that. Maybe it can be used as a form of research for them, or maybe they can even sell the information as data. It can actually give someone a lot of information such as what the most popular orders are, what people from certain areas are ordering, etc. Since we can access this information repeatedly, it must be stored somewhere. It is scary to think of what they can do with access to this information.

Before attempting to make an order for delivery online, I never even thought about all the possible interactions one can have with technology just to get a simple meal. It definitely didn’t cross my mind that there could be any evil media associated with the diner.

So to avoid all this possible interaction with evil media, I guess it just made more sense to physically walk across the street and pick up the food ourselves.


~ by ashleyflor on November 27, 2013.

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