Blog Post #4

Thinking back to a week ago, things didn’t seem that different. My day went about as usual, no noticiblee interruptions. But waking up today versus waking up a week ago, something was vastly and historically different. Something extraordinary has happened. The Government has shut down. Depending on sleeping habits, you may have found out about it when it happened first thing in the morning, late the night of, or even right now. After hearing the news, it takes everyone only a few moments to form the question “What does that mean.”

After hearing about the news, I for one went back to bed. In the morning, my commute to school on county and state roads went uninterrupted. My classes at NYU, which undoubtedly receive and have received federal aid, remained uncancelled, and the MTA continued to run.


The chances are, we can continue with out every life and not notice a difference. Of course, that would require us to keep our headphones in, not talk to anyone, and only read We are not going to do that.  We  want to know why and how this is happing, and what is going to happen now.

The way Government functions in our lives falls neatly into Martin Heidegger’s explanation of the human relationship with technology.

“Only when insight brings itself disclosingly to pass, only when

the coming to presence of technology lights up as Enframing, do

we discern how, in the ordering of the standing-reserve, the truth

of Being remains denied as world. Only then do we notice that

all mere willing and doing in the mode of ordering steadfastly

persists in injurious neglect. In this same way all mere organiz­

ing of the world conceived and represented historiographically

in terms of universality remains truthless and without founda­


To disassemble this quote disassembles our reaction to the government shutdown. The truth is, the majority of the US population don’t think about how the government works. We go about out lives using the things the Government provides, only becoming aware of its presence once it fails to function in the usual matter. Then do we notice there are other forces at work, and other relationships besides the one we use to benefit ourselves. This is an example of a complex organization we see as existing only to a personal extent.

The result of maintaing this concept have have given the USA the results we see in all the newspapers today, a shutdown. Because the citizens see the government as an entity that can be ignored, because politicians see it as a paycheck and a way to inflate public image, we have ended up where we are now.

A thing can only really be see once we becoming aware of its thingness. This usually only occurs when there is a disruption in our normal relationship with it. Let us chose to look at this incident through Heidegger’s lens. Because now we see the problem, not we see the entity. Not that we see the entity, we can truly correct it.

Heidegger, Martin. “The Question Concerning Technology”. The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays. New York; Garland Publishing, Inc., 1977. Web. Sept. 24 2013.


~ by ramireznatalia on December 20, 2013.

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