Bennett on “thing-powered” thinking

In Vibrant Matter, Jane Bennett discusses the notion of detached thinking. She states that things are accompanied by subjectivity that “…affect other bodies, enhancing or weakening their power” (pg. 3). We are constantly influenced by the objects around us. In this way, our thinking is not our own but rather a part of an ecological process of the people, processes, and objects surrounding us. Once aware of this distinction, the moment that Bennett outlines of removing ourselves from “thing-power” and thinking without subjectivity can become possible.

Often times, however, we consciously choose to allow the popular beliefs and current trends to influence our own thinking. This creates a sense of community, of belonging, that the idea of detached thinking threatens. This explains the mass following trends tend to generate. The sudden rise in people eating a certain food or performing a certain activity can have dramatic effects on the industries distributing these activities and foods. The “thing-powered” thinking of one group greatly affects the livelihood of another, illustrating the vast interconnectedness of ecologies powered by subjective thinking.



~ by ameliaam on February 4, 2014.

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