Emma Charles and Physical vs Virtual Space


Emma Charles mentions the idea that the web, which used to be seen as such an invisible force, is actually something that is physical. It has nodes and hubs that occupy a physical space. People often forget about the materiality of digital technology, and though it is mostly in waves and signals, there still needs to be something substantial and physically present for all that to happen. It is the understanding of the virtual and physical and how one can’t exist without the other. We take for granted the screens that are physically there, and focus on the information fed onto our screens. 

This relates back to my ecology because it touches on the idea of occupying large sums of physical space, and the idea of wires and nodes being hidden from the final presentation of my ecology. Although there is infrastructure (buildings with billboards and lights) that we can physically see, there is also infrastructure located in areas that are remote and far away from Times Square. Everything is connected and all the signals needs to be sent to these buildings in order for the lights to remain on. We often take for granted the things we don’t see and focus on the things that are immediately in front of us. We don’t question the workings behind the subject, and for this project, I will explore the unseen structures of Times Square, and how the ecology is sustained.

~ by bonnwang on February 26, 2014.