Brain-Computer Interface

A few weekends ago I went to see the new Robocop movie in a theater. Although I am not one to necessarily think too much of sci-fi movies, one particular scene caught my attention. In the scene, a doctor was explaining to his patient that his new prosthetic arms were actually controlled by his brain and would function like any other arms. He then handed him a guitar and told him to “think” the music. The man began to play the guitar flawlessly with his robo-arms.

I tried to find a video but couldn't

I tried to find a video but couldn’t

I had heard rumors about technology like this before, but I never really looked into it until that weekend. I began to read articles about Brain-Computer Interfaces. I learned that the technology is close and that these brain-machine interfaces are actually on there way to being a definite reality. However, according to a lecture given at Berkley, “Two key challenges remain before these devices are widely available: the development of practical and reliable physical interfaces and the achievement of nearly natural movement.” Though an exact deadline for this technology is unknown, it is apparent that the merging of humans and machines is becoming less of a sci-fi movie and more of a reality.


~ by riane414 on March 10, 2014.

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