This video project is going to bring the sound and images together, providing a more comprehensive and vibrant description of the ecological system at Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

What makes the video project the most important is the fact that this project, unlike photo project and sound project, is a motion picture with sound played in the back ground; in other words, it is a film, which is able to present the information through both channels of vision and hearing at the same time. Thus, it is important for this video project to not only captures what the photo project and sound project cannot vividly captured such as, the movement and the physical shape of people and objects, but also stimulate a deeper understanding of the ecological environment by showing how the people engage themselves with one another and with the seemingly non-vibrant objects within that universe.

Since this ecology project is designed to study the role that lights play in the ecological system of Brooklyn Night Bazaar, which is constructed things including people and sound from the live music, this video project will just put its focus on the relationship between different other factors and lights, picking up details on how these factors may be affected by lights and providing insights on their reaction to lights’ affectation on them. To study influence and reaction, just details on the source and receivers of influence are not enough, what we also need is the fact and evidence. For example, it is easy to capture the moment when lights make the place prettier, but it is not easy to record concrete facts that show lights really affect other factors in a way that cannot be replaced.

One simple way to record how on earth lights affect others is to interview people at Brooklyn Night Bazaar on how they feel about the lights there. Yet not all the factors are capable to be interviewed because they are non-living objects such as the sound. Factors like sound are only considered as vibrant objects for they are agencies of affectation; they influence other factors around them while being influenced, no matter if influences come from their intentions or not.

Thus, what I am planning to do is to compare, when it comes to the non-living project. An easy way to identify influence is to observe if anything about one factor changes after another kicks in. For example, to study if music can influence people in a good way or bad way, we do not necessarily have to ask what people think, but instead to observe changes in people’s behavior before and after. This method can be applied to study those factors that are not able to speak and share essential information that we need.

This video project is going to be done with the proportion of different contents as follow:

  •       40 seconds: 7:00 in the evening when Brooklyn Night Bazaar starts letting people in. The overall look of Brooklyn Night Bazaar: a flat camera angle, covering a comprehensive look on the place. Soundtrack: explain what this place is, such as what the function is, what activities are being provided, where it locates, what kind of people usually come. Transition: Lead it to an ecological perspective of this place
  •       2 minutes: 7:15—8:00 when more people start coming in. Explaining this ecological system: get into details, provide the motion of the flow of people, the changing of the lights and the sounds, the usually overlooked wires, plugs, pipes and anything that transport energy. Soundtrack: introduce different factors and reveal the interconnections between these factors. Transition: Lead it to the main object: lights.
  •       3:20 – 4 minutes: 8:30 – 1:00 during which DJ plays music and then bank performs. Exploring lights as an agency of affectation: provide details of different types of lights at different places, and give details of lights interacting with other objects and people. Soundtrack: play the sound of live music, people talking and cheering while showing that the light coming out from these lights at Brooklyn Night Bazaar surrounds everything. Transition: end this episode all of a sudden.
  •       1:30 – Showing the outside of Brooklyn Night bazaar, both in the morning and at night: create a contrast between the inside where it is full of lights and outside where there is barely any lights.

~ by longli9399 on March 24, 2014.

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