Gayle – Terranova, Free Labor

Much in the same vein as my last two posts, this piece is bringing up the same question my Ecology has me asking about how we define space and whether it is appropriate to redefine it.  In Terranova’s essay on Free Labor she says “the Internet is animated by cultural and technical labor through and through, a continuous production of value that is completely immanent to the flows of the network society at large.”  We define, animate, and give value to the internet.  Isn’t that how all spaces work?

In my last two posts I questioned whether it was appropriate to hold a fair on old cemetery grounds, or to have a yoga class on top of an old grave.  I asked when the grounds stopped being a religious space, or a space appropriated as a resting space, and when they became a park.  Supposedly many years ago Washington Square Park was a cemetery but now we don’t even keep the grave stones.  By does it seem more inappropriate, and dishonorable, to act this way when the gravestones are there?  


If we continuously produce our own values for spaces, whether on the internet or in real life, then the use of a space as a treehouse, or a cemetery, is merely the creation of value and not the dishonoring of a past value.


~ by gaylepitone on March 31, 2014.

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