The definition of fruit and veggies

In my last post I discussed how juicing can act as a representation for our insatiable need to forgot the natural and replace with a more efficient processed version of reality. This process illuminates how humans (at least those living in cities) view products or materials. It is seen for the benefits it can provide. For instance, fruit and vegetables provide nutrients that keep us healthy; great, let’s blend as many as we can together and get the most nutrients possible.

This perspective aligns with Mackay’s definition of information in “Contesting for the Body of Information: The Macy Conferences on Cybernetics”.  He believes that information is defined for what it does rather than what it is. Seeing products for what they provide frees them from their material or bodies, they are “divorced from representation”. This allows humans to redefine their representation for whatever is most appropriate.

Fruits and vegetables are reapporpriated to fit the fast-paced lifestyle of city dwellers. The information (the nutrients) attached to such foods become the definition of the substances, not their physical features.


– Amelia


~ by ameliaam on April 1, 2014.