Selfie Actualization

This is my new favorite portmanteau, which came to mind as I posted my newest profile picture on Facebook, and I have since found elsewhere. The cybernetics readings delve into the significance of body information, how it can be potentially applied to social and physical interference. Danah Boyd, a self-titled ethnographer, studies a fascinating portion of humanity that is made visible solely through social media. She outlines the concepts of privacy online, and how the people that are actively engaged in social media presence want to understand the context of their information being shared, they are just as interested as the developers and tech executives. Her keynote at SXSW this year was sold out, and it covered a great deal of implications that the online presence of life activities/changes keep on our minds. She has made reflections on the individual lives of teenagers who want to engage the world at their fingertips, and women who are hiding as best they can in the digital age from their former abusers.

When you think about the future of social media, it will certainly have a lot to do with what people control in piecing together their personalities, in tangent with policymaking, private and public connotations. It will also stay true to what the Internet has done for us, made the selfie (no longer in quotations because it’s in the dictionary) a means to proclaim “this is who I am”, as opposed to “I’m alone so I took this myself”. In order to achieve the creative, independent potential each individual sees for themselves (free digital labor, but for a self-actualizing purpose), they engage in realms of validation based on their edit of the full picture. Buzzfeed personality quizzes, collecting Tinder matches for the heck of it, or posting a profile picture as a personal update to oneself of how you’ve grown into it.

Chloe Saint

~ by c h l o e s a i n t e t i e n n e on April 2, 2014.

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