My One-Night Stand With Tinder

When thinking of “evil media” nothing is more relevant than an app in which you rapidly swipe left (nope) or right (yes) to potential suitors purely based on a small collection of photos. I joined the dark side in the middle of the night, when trying to spite my then- ex boyfriend. Tinder pulls your images from Facebook, so I cultivated my “hottest” Facebook photos, in what I thought would construct my most appealing profile. My swipe-right to “Match” ratio was decent, but not as high as my disillusioned self thought my “hot” photos would produce. It is then that I learned Tinder was not a battle  purely won by the  “fittest” but the most “deceptive” (Fuller 29) ones were those who thrived. This revelation came to me in the form of a message from one of my “Matches:” “Hey Kayla, U look like you like to go clubbing.” This statement threw me into a tailspin. I do not want to look like I go clubbing. What am I, a cast member on Jersey Shore? Who, besides guidos, would swipe right to that? This affront made me reboot my entire profile. I deleted pictures from nights on the town, replacing them with photos of me dressed in Harry Potter garb.  A selfie was replaced with a highly unflattering photo of me at a Kanye West concert as a sort of Catfish-insurance, so that my photos did not only show me at my polished best. With this carefully cultivated, and strategized profile, my “matches” ratio far surpassed my original photos. 

While my one-night stand may have stretched into a two-week stand, I called it quits with my app-amour, my iPhone inamorata. When you play with Tinder, or with any form of evil media, you are playing with fire.

~ by Kayla Enriquez on April 23, 2014.

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