What do I learn from interconnection in the digital age?

Throughout the semester, I really have learned a lot about the digital age that we are living in nowadays. But what I specifically feel compelling about are some of the features that have only been given to the digital age. One of these features is the interconnection between things.


From Vibrant Matter to Evil Media, we never leave the discussion relations. It is the idea of relation and connection that made Internet possible, and it is also the same idea that makes ecology what it is. It is never a single thing – it will never be a single matter, because without interaction and connections, there will be no difference between being dead and being vibrant, for there is no standard to compare with.


In the relationship between human beings and digital products, what really stands out to me is the dependency that has grown on human beings. Once again, we seem to be confined by something that human beings designed in the first place, and we will not admit getting addicted to or dependent on it until we fully realize the fact the without it, our lives cannot be normally functioned anymore.


In the relationship between objects and objects, the perspective of seeing dead objects as vibrant matters change the world, literally. We are not just surrounded by a pile of stuff that do not affect – we are now immersed ourselves into the influences coming form countless resources. Yet without connections and relationship, none of these would exist.


~ by longli9399 on May 12, 2014.

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