The Make-Up of Matter and What Matters

Bennett’s Vibrant Matter is one of the most frustrating pieces of writing – no, literature I have had to sort through. She is abstract and verbose beyond what my mere 20-year-old brain can comprehend. I only begin to understand her in the most literal way possible and at face value and then dumb her down so that I am able to understand her in simplistic terms.

In light of relevancy – of particular sorts of digital media and of the agencies that have infiltrated the present day with the ‘youth’ that represent it (‘youth’ is in quotes because I use the term mostly in reference of people who fulfill the role in practice, and not, as a more denotative definition of the term might suggest, in direct reference to age), I understand Vibrant Matters in the least interpretive way possible. By that I mean for me, it is easiest to understand her piece not by trying to read between the lines or thinking too deeply about her words, but by merely seeing her piece in my head, like a movie. The way I interpret her is perhaps not so much in terms of logic, but more in a scenic way – a live film or just a reel on a loop in my mind. It is hard to read between the lines. I picture these ‘bodies’ she refers to, very loosely.

As a Metropolitan Studies major and as the nature of how my life is unraveling, having moved to New York City two years ago (going on three years), I bodies in the form of a city – particularly Manhattan. There is a body with a purpose. It is a vibrant body bursting with buildings, cars, people, animals, ideas, concepts, goals, dreams… There are tangible and intangible things, beings. This is an ecology. This is a system of inaminate and animate things that assemble together to create something alive. Vibrant matter. I can zoom in closer still, using my mental camera, perhaps in a specific area: Greenwich Village, for example. Another body. There are students here, there are particular buildings that cater to particular areas of study. There is Washington Square Park. There are food trucks. There is a high concentration of books and textbooks and laptops. There are thousands of full and empty and half drunken coffee cups. There is brilliance and learning. I can zoom in so close that I zoom in on one person, and then the parts that make up the person, and the parts that make up those parts and so on and so forth.

Every single thing – all matter – is never solitary. There things that are connected to it and that it is connected to. All of these things are alive, whether by itself or by affect – by influence. All the creations and constructs of all pieces create bodies or ecologies. Perhaps this is what Bennett is saying and perhaps I’ve got it completely wrong. But, for met at least, it is deeply comforting. It means that everyone and everything is striving towards a goal, and everything has a purpose and therefore, everything matters.


~ by jc5124 on September 14, 2014.

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  1. I think you successfully achieve the blog post style. I would come back and read your posts again. The style and tone flow seamlessly together to create an interesting read.

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