Mo Money Mo Problems

It’s almost as though everything eventually comes full circle when there’s enough variation in the forms in which the elements of a system can take. And it would seem as though with the plethora of possibilities, eventually comes uniformity. I suppose this is a phenomena Marx referred to not so directly in his piece Fragment of the Machines where with the greater specialization of purposes and function, the greater level of efficiency of means of mass production which would inadvertently lead to greater innovation and creativity thinking on human’s part. However, there also seems to be a homogenization of the creative product being distributed. Just look at the mainstream music industry or primetime television. The content of media has developed a means of production similar to an assembly line at a food recessing plant or a plastic bottle manufacturing plant. There’s a disconnect from the emotion and affectivity of product in favor of mechanization which is supposed to facilitate growth on a intellectual and innovative level but also leaves room for stagnation of what is produced. This would justify copyright law that would inherently follow the fundamental functional characteristic of a capitalist society and world at large where there is a free market with high level of competition. It eschews Marxist Walter Benjamin’s proposition of a gift economy where ideas and inventions may essentially be transmissible between individuals and parties freely in hopes of expanding its use and purpose. Objects are viewed often in a more conventional scope that is familiar with our conscious as opposed to a more experimental and encompassing perspective as discussed in Queering the Non Human that suggests the “rethinking identity, desire, subjectivity and embodiment in a radically different, off center and revealing ways through a widening of interrogating lens in question” (10). For a gift economy to come to life, this queering of the non human must thus take place so that the need to protect intellectual property may eventually dissolve. So perhaps the laws and convention that have emerged out of capitalism are in fact hindrances to development on both an intangible and tangible scale. This has expanded into a creative sphere where eventually personal gains and motives outweigh a collective progress.
Is this an anti capitalism rant? Of course not because copyright law may actively discourage dishonesty and profitable lack of creativity. However, this may be an advocacy for freedom in the actual sense to reign supreme.


~ by mmj306 on October 5, 2014.

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