Food, Inc

I’ve been hearing about the film Food, Inc since it first came out five years ago. Somehow, I’ve always avoided watching it. Partially, because I kind of thought it was a bit of propaganda that would not shed light on all aspects of the situation. But that’s the reality of many documentaries – there is no denying that Food Inc has an agenda. The question is, is it an accurate agenda?

After watching the film, and giving my presentation, I do think my views on the film have changed a bit. There is reality in the images they showed of the factory farms and the lives of the farmers working for major food companies such as Monsanto and Tyson. As I discussed in the my presentation, my biggest regret was the lack of solution the film offered. We all can’t live organic, farm fresh lives at Whole Foods.

I wish we could find an answer. I think there is potential in the long run to create more humane ways of producing foods through improvements in technology. But this involves the companies and individuals to have the desire to find a solution. Sine Food Inc debuted, there has been some change in the processes by corporations, but very minimal.

The real question is, now that I’ve seen the film, will I change my eating habits. Sadly, probably not. While the film resonated with me, I doubt I will go out of my way to ensure I only purchase organic free range chicken for the rest of my life. And I am not alone in this feeling. Changing people’s perception and priorities is an extremely difficult thing to do. You can raise awareness, with Food Inc does very effectively, but changing actual actions is a much greater hurdle.


Is that the future of thanksgiving? Personally, I doubt it. But maybe one day, it can be.


~ by nikitasingh125 on October 18, 2014.

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