Food for Thought


I conveniently stumbled upon this image as I was browsing my Facebook feed this morning, and immediately began to think about the various sentiments I have towards our American food supply. Here is a summary of my thoughts:

Every great invention ever known to man has done something to make our lives more convenient, and unfortunately, food quality is one of the things that have been compromised in an effort to make our lives easier. Why bake a cake from scratch when you can use mix? Why buy fresh when you can buy frozen? Why make a pizza when you have DiGiorno’s? As our working class grew larger, our time to prepare fresh and healthy meals became limited, so easy options like takeout and pre-made foods become extremely appealing.

All of that, I understand. You can’t help it. When you’re in a rush due to work or a job, it’s better to nourish yourself with something than nothing at all. However, it is a bit counter-intuitive when people resort to low-calorie canned foods and low-calorie frozen foods and sugar-free prepackaged foods in an effort to improve their health. There is no diet food out there that can be more natural than eating a fresh piece of fruit, and there is no sugar-free beverage out there that can satisfy your body better than water. All in all, it’s better to eat something that came from a tree versus something that came from a factory.

But what if they are busy without time to cook? Then we find ourselves victims of every food manufacturer’s vicious plan, who know that people are too busy to make their own healthy meals, leaving us with no choice but to succumb to their pre-packaged madness. The worst part of all? Eating healthy can be even more expensive! I can spend $50 on a week’s worth of groceries, or I can spend about $35 for a McChicken and a drink for dinner each night. The former is obviously the ideal choice, but the latter saves time, saves money, and is overall more convenient for someone in today’s busy world. Making better choices are becoming progressively more difficult in America’s food system, and this is an issue that we need to change.

Marcia H.

~ by From Flushing, With Love on October 19, 2014.

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