Toxins and Convenience

Toxin (noun): a poisonous substance and especially one that is produced by a living thing.

I am a toxin and also intoxicated by all the other toxins around me. Think about it.

The cars, trucks, and machines around me emit gasses that I breathe. And I choose to poison myself everyday. I make a choice to eat foods that are inorganic and have dyes and artificial sweeteners. I make a choice to dry my nail polish under a UV light that radiates onto my fingertips and hands. I make a choice to undergo questionable beauty treatments like chemical hair straightening processes where I sit with my hair drenched in chemicals and inhale the toxic formaldehyde fumes.

And everything I choose to do poisons the earth too. I ride in cabs and help sustain the cab economy, which is keeping taxis on the road. I could choose to exclusively ride Citi bikes or walk. Both would less detrimental to the health of society, but sometimes on a snowy day I just don’t want to walk. I don’t care about eating organic foods, so I am choosing to support the unsafe farming techniques and poor animal handing that Food, Inc. exposed. I understand what the film says about the dangers of the foods I am eating now, but I know I am going to die eventually so I just don’t believe it will make that much difference in my life. Furthermore, I don’t think that I will have any impact on food suppliers and their decision to either maintain their current production methods or reform their production practices to become more economically and environmentally sustainable based on the foods I buy. And so I don’t. To be honest, even if I thought I could really make a difference I don’t think I would switch to organic foods unless it was more convenient for my lifestyle.

Convenience is the key word there. I think a lot of my generation is apathetic and not politically involved because it requires effort. We have grown up in the here and now generation where with a click of a button we can have food delivered to our door in minutes, tv shows and movies streaming in seconds, and pretty much anything we want to buy shipped to us, especially if we venture into the Deep Web. To try and spark a change in my generation is difficult, as we choose the easiest option for ourselves. Luckily for Food, Inc. and its supporters the health food craze is still in full force, but I think convenience is key in effectively eliminating non-organic food production.


~ by see268 on October 19, 2014.

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