“Evil Dead” Media

Evil is a big word despite being composed of 4 tiny letters. Evil is grandiose. It’s the large binary of good, each constantly at war in religious, cultural, and societal narratives. Think Good vs Evil, Light vs Dark, God vs Satan. The word evil has never been something limited to just the human experience. It can at times take on even a somewhat supernatural tendency. For example, the other night I rewatched a favorite film “Evil Dead 2” (pretty convenient title I must say), in which an evil source is awoken from the “Book of the Dead,” both possessing and taunting various characters throughout the film (even a hung dear head because it’s horror-comedy).

This ability of “evil” to possess or affect as seen in the film demonstrates a similarity in the way that media that is “evil” is in itself something that change manipulate and have control or power over those whom assumes they are in control of it. In the book “Evil Media” by Andrew Goffey and Matthew Fuller, the authors discuss how the power of media often extends our power over it and instead the power in which our media has to use and influence us. However unlike the evil the invades and persists in the “Evil Dead” series, the good and evilness of media itself is often more of a grey area, often as grey of an area as who or what is majorly control (for better or worse) in the situation, the human or machine. Due to the strange duality of the almost mutual relationships we have with our media and devices “the mixed feelings of terror and wretchedness, delight and joy, produced for and by active cogs in sociotechnical machines” (4). It does not appear on the surface level but our relationships with technology are actual RELATIONSHIPS. As much as we “control” a piece of equipment or media, it filters and monitors the types of actions, thoughts, and experiences that are renderable through using it.

This could be a potentially nerve-racking thought, as the evil in this case does not manipulate us outwardly such as an evil spirt might, but can potentially and unknowing frame they way we think. “Rather than be transparent to the intentions of use, any object affords specific opportunities in specific circumstances- a certain latitude or room for manoeuvre, a dynamic or curve of development that allows for particular kinds of inflection or scope for variation” (7). It is not that evil is in itself media, but it has the potentiality to harness it’s power for evil.

On that same note, If it has the potentiality for evil, it also has the potentiality for good. So don’t go burning your laptop yet. Just be aware of the potential power that your relationships with media can produce

So we will all probably be fine.



~ by hellokaty28 on November 17, 2014.

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