An existential threat. In the intellectual sense.

Stupidity does not sit on one side and intelligence on the other. They’re like Vice and virtue- it takes an awfully shrewd mind to tell them apart

-Gustav Flaubert.

Despite the obvious benefits that may arise out of media, without a doubt it may be instrumental in re enforcing the inherent system if hierarchy in societies and communities. Although while one a group of people may be considered. In the quest for excellence from human beings this may only be made possible out of automation. And unfortunately, humans on others so as to reach the same level of productivity of machines impose this automation.

Media has truly created a boundless world with almost infinite attributes. And we inevitably feel the need to unearth and familiarize ourselves with everything there is to know. And keep up with the speed at which information is generated. But simply put we can’t. As a result, there is a level of inadequacy in our humanness, which cannot be directly addressed or rectified. This results in a greater dependence on technology and the media. So this system of hierarchy transcends human beings and instead delves into the realm of machinery, seizing control and autonomy. This is apparent even on the most seemingly mundane level. The like pages on our tumblr and our pin boards on pinterest hold a quantity of information that would be impossible for us to store on our own. But this goes beyond just string information. These r now just information and media receptacles without which most of us would have difficulty existing without or functioning on a daily basis. Our existence is almost dependent on these platforms. Well at least some of us. But the fact remains media and machinery possess a duality in their social purpose which if isn’t monitored and regulated, as a species we may inevitably relinquish our own autonomy.


~ by mmj306 on November 18, 2014.

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