Being Connected

From a person who is not very philosophical, it is really hard to think about anything not having a beginning or an ending, but the Rhizome theory was just that. This theory talks about how there is always a middle without a beginning nor an ending. Nor is there a center. There is neither a subject nor an object. But the only way something is allowed existence is through its connections to other ideas and theories that bring its purpose and meaning. The keyword in the Rhizome theory is connection. In the beginning the authors talk about a tree and although no matter how far the tree may grow in distance, it can always be traced back to its seed, which is contradictory to this theory.

Rhizome is interesting because this theory can be more easily understood when referencing familiar topics, such as the Internet and the World Wide Web, where these types of media connects different websites, people, and cultures but is essentially not the “center” that connects all of these different things. This theory can relate to our class’ media ecology project because although our location was first chosen as an object and subject, the way everybody will go about their projects is similar to the Rhizome theory in that whichever way we go about with our projects, any and every perspective and idea that will be inspired by the locations we choose, we would fundamentally be finding other connections that are associated with that location.

In terms of the location, although it was chosen both a subject and an object, when we work on our projects it will no longer be neither. How? It will no longer be neither because this location is what it is because of the different aspects that are correlated to the location such as the people who are in it, the people who are not in it, the purpose of the location, what cultures brought into this location as well as the cultures that connected within the location, along with so many more.

Susanna Lee

~ by sl4160 on February 10, 2015.