Designing for the Web and Beyond…


an edgeless surface of unknown proportions comprised of small, individual, and variable elements from multiple vantages assembled into a readable whole that documents a moment

In a recent mind-blowing blog post, designer Frank Chimero pushes the boundaries of what it means to design for the Web. In the above quote, Chimero describes the beauty of photographer David Hockney’s joiner but asks us to consider the quote in terms of web design and how we visualize data online. He pushes us to work towards discovery and multiplicity rather than control and uniformity. Chimero distills everything down to one key concept: edgelessness, an idea which I think applies to everything from user interface to software design and on.


As Matthew Fuller calls for clarity in programming in his essay on elegance, Chimero calls for clarity in web design:

We often think making things for the web is a process of simplifying—the hub, the dashboard, the control panel are all dreams of technology that coalesces—but things have a tendency to diverge into a multiplicity of options. We pile on more tools and technology, each one increasingly nuanced and minor in its critical differences. Clearly, convergence and simplicity make for poor goals. Instead, we must aim for clarity. You can’t contain or reduce the torrent of technology, but you can channel it in a positive direction through proper framing and clear articulation.

Let’s continue to push ourselves to design outside the box – both literally and figuratively – to achieve new heights in our creative digital output.


~ by ljl on April 4, 2015.

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