Evil Desserts Coming Your Way

It’s hard to imagine that desserts can be evil. How can they be evil? They’re non-living gorgeous scrumptious looking foods of deliciousness. The following question can be asked about both desserts and little kids: How can something that looks so sweet be so evil? Well, don’t be fooled because behind the sweet looking aesthetics hides a deceitful trickery you may possibly want to think about next time you head out for dessert.


I use the word “evil” in correspondence to Matthew Fuller’s Evil Media. This books talks about the abstracted sections of media where media exist as corporate work systems, algorithms, and data structures. Now although desserts may seem very distant from all of these concepts it is more than just eating desserts that connects it with evil.

One thing to think about is the purpose of desserts. Why do people search for desserts? Why do people search for specific desserts on specific occasions? Often times we connect desserts with love. Whether it is romantic love, familial love, or even love for ourselves, the act of giving and receiving desserts have always been connected as an act of love. The most quintessential example would be chocolates on Valentine’s Day. In Fuller’s book, there is a section called “Flirting Tips” and within that section it talks about how contemporary media establishes the new conditions for the arrangements of love. They shape the norms of what is considered “romantic” and what is not. Today there is something called a “Valentine’s Day Season”. For any merchandise that is food related or not, stores are filled with hearts, sweets, and teddy bears. All of these norms are all as a matter of course as gestures of romanticism. Desserts are no different with this holiday especially here in New York City. A Valentine’s menu or special will appear emphasizing the “speciality” of the day and people will buy it, both the dessert and marketing strategy. For generic holidays such as this we tend to follow the definition of “romance” that the media represents more so than creating, defining, then acting upon our own definitions of “romance”.


Another thing to consider is the creation of what’s called food media. Food media includes food styling, food blogging, writing a cookbook, critiquing foods or restaurants, or using social media in relations to foods. When it comes to foods in the media it is important to have an understanding of everything about the food including its aesthetics, what it is made of, how it is made, and the purpose of this food in order to know which information the publisher wants to release and emphasize while on the other hand which information the publisher wants to abstract. People can now educate themselves of these tactics as there is now a whole genre called food media studies where people learn essentially is how to lure people in using aesthetic, writing, and social media strategies that are clear and compelling in order to promote either the food, restaurant, or even oneself. In context with Evil Media, these strategies are similar to the ones listed under the subsections titled “Economize Behavior, Scale Signals” where behaviors of tasting and creating food is being economized, and “Abstraction” as certain information are intentionally left out to hide from the public.


When mentioning the word “desserts”, there isn’t much thought behind this word other than eating it or imagining how delicious it would be to eat it. Perhaps it is because of the luring and appealing aesthetics and taste that many consumers forget or don’t even think about how there is much more to desserts than just eating. Before the desserts land into our mouths there are strategies and tactics that are taken step by step that leads to the final destination which is into the consumer’s mouths. And so hopefully next time you go out to dessert consider thinking about trickery behind the dessert or just don’t think about it and let the producers continue to deceive you through their sweet delicious products. Whichever you choose, just be a “smart cookie”.




~ by sl4160 on April 26, 2015.

9 Responses to “Evil Desserts Coming Your Way”

  1. You have the best overall post for sure! Loved the way you tied in your ecology to evil media. Great use of images! – Kanika

  2. I think that your post had the best style and affect. I love how you incorporated something that is seemingly so pure and not usually associated with “evilness.” I follow so many blogs abut cuisine and food, and never once do I stop to think about what goes into curating each post, specifically in regards to targeting a specific consumer.

  3. Best style/affect, best overall. Nice analogy to tie in the theory with real world situation as well as your ecology. Really brought it to life for me.

  4. I would give my vote of both most informative and best overall post to you. There’s a great balance of analyzing the ideas that Fuller presents in Evil Media and relating it back to your specific ecology. It’s very effective in conveying your understanding of the reading. Plus the pictures are great.

  5. I think your post was the best in style and affect. I liked the way you started your post in connection to your ecology project and establishing a premise. The use of images helped me understand the concept of evil media in popular culture. Overall I didn’t see your post as a blog, but as a story as you engaged the audience successfully.

  6. I think you have the best overall blogpost! It really enjoyed reading how you mention the phenomenon of food blogging, cookbook writing and food photography. You mentions how the aesthetic of food/dessert sometimes has taken over their actual taste, which I can definitely connect to from my own experience. I think your post really connects well with your site and Fuller’s idea of evil media.

  7. I think that your post has the best style/affect this week. Your post is personal, to the point and easy to read, which I really appreciated. I like how you compared desserts to the marketing strategy, in that we are “forced” to have desserts on a certain occasion, much like how Fuller describes an invisible hand that dictates our behavior. I enjoyed reading your post and the images really stood out as well!

  8. Your style (2) was my favorite of this week! The images really add to the way the blog post is written, which is very cute (especially the end) and also casual. Still, it wasn’t uninformative, I also thought content-wise it was very interesting! I didn’t know food blog and sites are studied now as food media! I think that was a great way to tie your ecology with Evil Media.

  9. I think the fluidity between the information taken from Evil Media and the concepts you got from your ecology site make this the best overall post. You wouldn’t traditionally read Evil Media and think of a cupcake, but you’re post makes us think about that, and that’s really really interesting.

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