Intersection of FDR & 23rd: Stillness, Abruption, and Pandemonium

NYClights3The intersection of the FDR Drive and 23rd Street is a meeting ground of many different players that creates an affect within the site. There are many players but there are three main players: the East River, the FDR drive, the Bridge, and surrounding the playground. Each player brings in a different aspect to the ecology site.

In “Fragments of Machines”, the video displayed a variety of stillness, city noise, and minute suspension. However one unique aspect of the stillness is that it puts the viewer in a nervous state. It makes him or her inquisitive for what’s next to come. Similar to this, the FDR has an element of stillness, and that is the East River. It is so vast and uniform that people come by it to relax and exercise. The next form of city noise is the FDR itself. There is constant clatter and noise. The playground is also a place of constant flow of noise, with kids running around and yelling. However, every action of t

East_River_NYC_Swollen_Irene_2011_Shankbonehe kids seems to be silenced and or at times even muted by the clamor of the FDR. In “Fragment of Machines”, there were also abruption that startled me as a viewer. I believe the one major abruption is the influence one feels of the FDR crossing the bridge. When there is an emergency, there is uproar of noise that erupts which permeates the two major lanes and the bridge. This induces a shock on pedestrians crossing the bridge.

In the article, Autonomy of Affect, Massumi mentions that affect and emotion are separate entities. “Affect is autonomous to the degree to which it escapes confinement in the particular body whose vitality.” On the FDR, the affect of the drivers in front, escapes to the drivers behind during an emergency, or vice versa. For example, when an ambulance is speeding by, the driver behind clear first, and then there is a sequential order of the direction of the cars.



~ by coe206 on October 4, 2015.

2 Responses to “Intersection of FDR & 23rd: Stillness, Abruption, and Pandemonium”

  1. Chuck,

    First of all, I think that your photos are just great. I like the contrast between the darkness of the top one, and the peacefulness of the bottom picture. I have never been to the FDR Bridge as a pedestrian, but from reading your passage I have a clear sense of what that would be like. Your writing is clear and cohesive, and you do a great job connecting the physical environment of the bridge with both the concept of affect as well as the “Fragment of Machines.”

    My only critique is that I think you could expand a bit more on how the bridge provokes what affects. What affect do the noises of the bridge contrasted with the children produce? Or explaining the different affect of the bridge during the day or night, or different locations on the bridge.

    I also really enjoy how straight across you are with explaining your points. Your voice doesn’t get muddled or lost at all. Really great job!

    I’m really excited to see how your project turns out!


  2. I think that the tension in your ecology is really interesting, with the three main players and the contrasting influences that they have on you as a person. I think it would be good to continue exploring this tension more– how do these three main players affect each other’s environments, both positively and negatively? Are these environments self-sustaining, and how would they be different without each other? These would be cool concepts to explore here.

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