Interactions with Veganism

A major component of my project includes personal interviews with people from all different backgrounds regarding their connections to veganism. The anecdotes I have collected thus far have varied. Some approach veganism as a lifestyle choice, feeling very strongly against the effects of the production of animal products on the environment, some approach veganism as a means for making social connections and some approach veganism as a dietary choice, believing that eating vegan better supports their well being health.

As Licklider once once wrote, “Creative, interactive communication requires a plastic or moldable medium that can be modeled, a dynamic medium in which premises will flow into consequences, and above all a common medium that can be contributed to and experimented with by all” (qtb by Fuller in Software Studies 146). I’ve come to see veganism in terms of it’s “cooperative modeling”: veganism has no one approach but many. There are multiple algorithms behind vegan practice and what it means. It is these differences that are interesting to me- these divergences that make me want to know more about the dynamics of vegan culture.

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In walking around lower Manhattan, it’s easy to find a wide array of restaurants that advertise their “vegan alternatives”, ice cream shops that serve almond milk “ice cream”, or boutiques that sell vegan soaps, bags and miscellaneous products. Being that there are so many approaches to veganism, why are eateries like “by Chloe” so popular? Is it because of their “all natural” and locally grown vegan products? Is it because of their commitment to sustainability (as they encourage the recycling of their products)? Is it because the bright colors and modern feel of the space produces an affect that is desirable to the random hungry lunch-goer? Moving forward, I’d like to delve into the interactions with specific spaces a little deeper.



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