As the weather gets colder and the holidays are just around the corner, I always get homesick. I think that the sentimental streak from November until the New Year is pretty common. People want to help the less fortunate, donate clothes, money, canned goods, work at soup kitchens. And I always wonder, how long does this last? Are the volunteer centers turning people away at the end of each year, but searching for any helping hand come spring? What is it about the holidays and the new year that makes people feel and act so different than the rest of the year? In “Autonomy of the Affect” by Brian Massumi, he states: “It would appear that the strength or duration of an image’s effect is not logically connected to the content in any straightforward way […]. What is meant here by the content of the image is its indexing to conventional meanings in an intersubjective context, its sociolinguistic qualification. This indexing fixes the determinate qualities of the image; the strength or duration of the image’s effect could be called its intensity” (24). The end of the year has a higher intensity than the middle parts of the year.DSC02006

In taking these thoughts when considering my ecology, I immediately think of those less fortunate who rely on fast food, and the dollar slice for sustenance. Food,Inc touches upon this briefly when they go into depth of corn and its effect on the American people. People are sick because of the food that they eat, but not financially stable enough or do not have the resources to make the healthy decisions needed. The processed food that is so alluring and delicious is playing a huge role in the overall health of the country. I want to take note of the regulars at DB Pizza, and speak to the people working there to gain insight in how many people are relying on this one small pizza place. Or, is this merely a projection of my end-of-the-year guilt?



~ by sas948 on November 1, 2015.

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