Rhizomes and Remixes

Everything is connected and nothing is new. In Kember and Zylinska’s Creative Media Manifesto, they argue against the idea that artists invent things from nothing. Instead, people are creating things using materials that already exist. Everything in the world already exists. Every book or film is an assemblage of words that have been said before, combined into sentences that have almost certainly been said before. Paintings are made of colors and shapes that exist in hundreds of other paintings. Creation is about context and connection.

In one screenwriting class I have taken, the professor went over the various trope of characters and interactions. Isn’t this what always happens? These are the ways that people can be. This is how you should write. My current screenwriting teacher told us he’s going to teach us how to steal. To an extent, all art is stolen, a remix of things that exist, changed just enough to elude recognition. basic_elements_1080p

Deleuze and Guattari write about assemblages and rhizomes. Rhizomes are continuous connections, always existing in between things. Art doesn’t always have a beginning or an end. Ecologies definitely do not. What gives things meaning is the connections that people experience. The same stories have been told time and time again with wildly different results because of the smallest differences in their assemblages and in what they link to. People react to things in different ways, but there will be connections that have more meaning and resonance for more people. The ways that people interact with each other, with art, and with everything else around them is all that makes anything worth looking at.

-Amelia Burger

~ by ameliaburger on February 9, 2016.