Hello my name is Jake! Hello my name is Jake! Hello my name is Jake! Hello my name is…


As you can tell, I love copy and pasting. Since the development of the famous CTRL+C, CTRL+V, copy and pasting has revolutionised the way we interact with software and its processes. The ability to move large amounts of text and data in a matter of two simple shortcuts cuts down immense amounts of time wasted on repeating processes which are often lengthy and tedious. However, it is not only the raw data we are copying, but also the inherent meaning behind the data and text we are spreading. The ease of copying and pasting has led to easier distribution of opinionated thoughts and comments. In a society where an individual opinion is either agreed upon or completely refuted against by someone else, it can be both positive or detrimental to society.

Twitter for example, has become a medium where the “copying” of ideas or events, can 10zi52a8mrfwngresult in the exponential spread of an idea or event such that it is “trending”. Such trends can become influential beyond the capabilities of physical actions made by an individual in the real world. This digitalisation of influence has become prominent not only through social media, but also through news, as articles are written based on opinions publicised online rather than genuine research. Trends become not only a source of news, but also a pot of differing opinions.

When we talk about art, the act of copying is often a heated topic of discussion. There is often a very fine line between the appropriation and copying of another individual’s work. Yet, it is often so easy to do so, that we forget the artistic integrity of creating a work of art. Whilst these situations are becoming increasingly common in digital art, street art is an art style where respect for other artists has remained strong and untarnished. Even though street art is usually considered of lesser refined than other works, the mutual appreciation of artwork is incredibly prominent. Each artist has their own unique style and elegance. A tag is what a street artist is recognised by – it is a visual impression of their personality.


Street art reflects the environment around it. It is given life by both the artist as well as the situation it is placed in. The two combine to create something which is not easily replicable. The experience of a work of street art is incomparable as it is an individual, unique reaction to the society and place where the art is painted in.


~ by jakequan on February 24, 2016.

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