I watched a YouTube video, Behind the scenes at a McDonald’s photo shoot, for one of my classes. It is another video where McDonald’s try to answer people’s questions toward their products or advertisements.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.23.42 AM.png

It is funny and almost ridiculous to see how big corporations like McDonald’s can easily trick some of its customers into thinking the burger in their advertisement is an accurate depiction of the burger you will get when you walk into its stores (see the picture above). Mcdonald’s even disabled comments for videos like this to prevent potential  criticism under their channel.

Isn’t it scary to think about how much power big corporations have? Almost like monopolies. Think about the Food, Inc. video. I have to admit at the back of my mind I know something like this is happening in some parts of our world. Sadly, I think I may be  consuming products like this without being aware of my actions.


Even if that I am aware of it and try to oppose it now, I still have doubts and questions like how much power can I make individually? And most of our lives are dependent on resources provided by corporations like this– if we want to change the current situation, many individuals have to voice their solidarity.

Also, after reading Kim Stringfellow’s “Greeting from the Salton Sea,” I learnt about the problems human create regarding the ecologies around us. We need to understand that the negative impacts we made on the environment would harm us in the long run and our actions are pretty much what is disturbing it.


Also, through problems like this we should know that most people are still unaware of these issues and living in their happy bubbles. Knowing the issues (such as looking at the photographs of Salton Sea) is not enough. As Susan Sontag raised in On Photography, photography can be mental worry because it looks so evident and realistic; however, it does not define the truth and we believe we are helping and understanding the issue by just looking at the photographs.


Then the question is– how can we really change it?

-Zoe Kao



~ by zoe729 on March 21, 2016.

3 Responses to “Impacts?”

  1. Best Overall: I liked this one best overall because of the management of both visuals (gifs) and the content. It hit a lot of the main points without bombarding the post with quotes from the readings, which really helped it flow smoothly.

  2. Content: You raise some really interesting points throughout your blog post, and I especially enjoyed your introductory video about McDonald’s and how they go about editing their photos. It served as a great example as to the magnitude of manipulation employed by major corporations today.

  3. Overall– I loved reading this and agree so much! This has excellent blog voice and really makes the reader re-question why we buy into (or don’t) what big corporations have to say.

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