Why do I like you

Last class, Professor Bianco said something in class that I found so interesting. It was just a passing comment too, but I had to go back and look it up in the Brennan article again. She said something about sexual attraction and we’re attracted to certain people because of ~pheromones~ and their ~smell~. Now, I’ve done enough soul-searching in my 19 years of singlehood (lol!!) to know why exactly this stuck with me. Has anyone been wildly attracted to someone that you’re like, tf this kid is not cute but all I wanna do is rip his clothes off?? (Honestly, wouldn’t be surprised if it was just me lol). Or like, you don’t know why you’re attracted to someone and 11/10 you really don’t want to be, but you just are???


This was just the biggest question of my LIFE, and Professor Bianco (and Brennan) provided me with an answer: pheromones.

Pheromones, or “molecules that can be airborne and that communicate chemical information, signal and produce reactions by unnoticeable odor in many hormonal interactions” (Brennan 9). Brennan calls this whole process entrainment, or “the form of transmission whereby people become alike [in] a process whereby one person’s or one group’s nervous and hormonal systems are brought into alignment with another’s” (9). So, that’s interesting to know: that I’m attracted to certain people because my body is digging their hormonal smells. And honestly, it’s probably, not that hard, considering the fact that we’re all crazy hormonal college kids. We’re basically hormone city.

This makes sense though actually. Even though chemical entrainment works by unconscious-olfaction, my mom told me that she was first attracted to my dad cause she really liked his scent. She described his scent as very clean and dewy, but still very masculine—like soap. She also followed up by saying that she gets the most irritated and angry when he doesn’t have that very scent on him, say that it’s cause he ate something weird or didn’t shower for a couple days. The very thing that attracted my mom to my dad (ew lol) can also be the very thing that can revoke her a couple days later. It’s really interesting to know that something that wouldn’t be the first to pop up in our head, like smell, can be a vital instrument that instigates our interactions and feelings toward other people.

On that note, smell can be something that also interlinks people with others, with no beginning or end, something that is inherent and endless. Smell can be a form of rhizomatic structure and multiplicity, as it is not tangible, but you can feel sexual attraction increasing or decreasing (or is that just me again). So, that leaves me with one last question: Is it possible that Deleuze and Guattari actually knew what they were talking about?


-Jenn C


~ by jc6294nyuedu on October 3, 2016.

One Response to “Why do I like you”

  1. Okay, first off – i love the Jimmy Pesto GIF (from Bob’s Burgers). Other than that I think this is the most informative (best in learning). I liked how you related an instance that everyone can relate to (why do I like this person????) but you continue on to explain why this happens and how, just like how we spoke in class. It’s great!

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