Drink To Your Health

I visited a Juice Press store on a Sunday morning. I was immediately captivated by a display of cards hanging against the wall, featuring catchy and witty phrases. These cards featured useful information that informed customers about important concepts and ideals which Juice Press believes in and practices. Some of the cards publicized the use of organic products in their drinks and explained its importance, while others identified the best sources of protein. Before I knew it, 20 minutes had passed and I realized that I had read every card on the display. I had originally visited the store with the intent of just taking pictures for my website. Instead I acquired new knowledge and understanding before I even took my first picture!

Upon reading all of these cards, my affect changed. I now wanted to buy a smoothie. I wanted to reward myself with healthy and natural ingredients. Reading all of these cards really had an effect on my perception of the brand as a place where I wanted to spend my money on something good for me. This reminded me of how the environment may alter one’s affect. As discussed in my previous blog post, I mentioned Brennan’s take on the transmission of affect. Brennan says this transmission involves influencers from our environment. The environment of Juice Press played a key role in shaping my perception of clean foods that are good for my health. Brennan’s understanding of the transmission of affect as “a process that is social in origin but emotional and physical in effect” (3) emphasizes the idea that people may be drawn to vegan restaurants and shops due to a sector of society’s emphasis on its trendiness and importance. However, the ability of this transmission to remain relevant is one’s understanding of the impact veganism has on their environment and bodies.

I observed the customers who entered the store. Almost all of them were young women dressed in workout clothes. I assume that Juice Press and other similar stores attract these types of customers—those who are focused on living healthy lifestyles. The atmosphere of the place plays a role in its affect—everything was very clean. As I walked through the doors, I left the dirty smell of Manhattan’s streets and entered a store filled with the crisp scent of freshly cut fruits and veggies. Even the packaging of the products plays a role in the affect. All items are clearly labeled and state their respective ingredients. Everything is marketed as natural and organic.

The juices and other vegan products that are sold reminded me of Bennet’s description of thing-power, “Thing-Power: the curious ability of inanimate things to animate, to act, to produce effects dramatic and subtle” (6). In a sense, these inanimate objects have created a vegan “movement” which is a practice that leads to a more sustainable and healthy way of life. Whether individuals choose to identify as vegan or not, by buying from vegan companies, they are supporting these companies and their ideals. This, in turn positively impacts them and their surroundings.


~ by sydneyng on October 4, 2016.

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  1. Best learning: It is super interesting to hear that you found yourself reading all of the cards and getting kind of sucked into the environment that they created through affect. I also really liked that you talked about the actual customers and people who were in the store and the way that they influenced their environment. -Anna

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