Intensification and Connection


“Story is the priority”, this is the sentence that has been mentioned the most during a conference in COMM Week this year. Good story could be able to strike to audience’s heart and mind no matter being posted in whatever kind of media platform. The way of telling the story, therefore, becomes the determining element in affective engagement with the readers of  the story. People’s feelings are rather complicated since one is always different from the other. Therefore, the interpretation of the same text will tends to go for different directions. Then how are we going to make the story appeals to the common ground of those emotions? This seems to be one of the central question that people in communication and media industry has discussed for a long time and is wandering in my head recently. How can we transfer the untouchable and uncontrollable feelings of others into controllable pathways that we could access using theory making and presenting tactics? 

“Fragments on Machines” is a video that strike people in its unique way of presentation. The sound track of the video with the depiction of the sound of the site the producer went makes us somewhat connected with the video in that we have all have similar experiences and heard something similar. In addition, the noise of the places where the machines are also contrast with the quietness of other spaces, which intensified the particular fragments of machines that the producer intended to convey. The structure of the video also plays great role in logically demonstrate as well as connect the human element with the ecology. The significance of the filming angle could also be illustrated in this video in that the contrast between the numbers of machine with the number of labor working there. Also, from shooting in the ground level of human with the higher as well as larger sight of the machine also indicate the domination of the machine that the producer trying to convey in this video. All these tactics and elements combined well in leaving us connected and provoke our deeper thoughts regarding the topic.

The video making strategy of “Fragments of machines” really lead me to think about the importance of the contradiction effect that could be used when presenting my ecology. The contradiction is really a rather powerful tactics in intensifying the emotion that would be able to engage the audience more effectively. The shooting angle also plays great role in intensifying the emotions in that the way of picturing really could yield different emotional outcomes. It could be noticed that in order to demonstrate the greatness of a historical figure or a great leader, the pictures usually are taken on the ground level that makes the figure appeared larger and taller. I noticed that I mentioned “intensification of emotion” a couple of times and it really strikes me in that it is true that since we are not going to be able to take the audience to the particular site and we could only engage with them through our demonstration, we need to intensify the feelings that we experienced in many ways in order to make the effective presentation.

The story telling of the “Greetings from the Salton Sea” also rather appealing. Not only because the destiny of Salton Sea is a rather complicated one but that the choice of words in telling the story plays great roles in leading the readers in a certain direction of conclusion of this story. The use of numbers in illustrating the seriousness of the problem successfully visualized it. The depiction of the contrast of the previous flourishing Salton Sea and the poor ecology that could be seen now also make strong emotional appeals to the readers.

The ways of structure and telling the story that could be learned from these two amazing projects for me are that the intensification of the emotions that I am trying to convey and the connection that needed to be established with the readers and audience. In order to show the complicated, chaotic but harmonious as well as organized relationships of affects in my ecology, I need to specify the way of illustration in building a stronger and appealing connections with the audience since the human elements will always be the strongest in connecting with human. dscf4372

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  1. “Most thorough” – I thought that your blog post really reflected your understanding of the two projects, and this is shown through your analysis of filming techniques that are used for the videos. I also enjoyed your anecdote on COMM week, would love to read more about it.

  2. most enlightening: two concise and powerful summaries of the words “structure” and “story-telling.” I was very inspired by your point of “contradiction” on the “fragments of machine.” I was very impressed by the film but I never thought of it from the aspect of contradiction. I looked at it aa a collage of random pieces that indeed linked to each other. Nonetheless, the structure of your blog is as good as the structures of the films lol. thanks for sharing 🙂 –lil

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