“Connections on Machines”

I could count myself lucky for having our class assigned to watch “Fragments on Machines.” In a sense, my ecology could relate and take away a lot from the video, mostly because it had to do with the subway. The scene especially where we slowly are descended down from the subway to the monotonous humming of all the machinery that lie under every  visible concrete slabs; I noticed that my audio recording already had the same features. But if anything, Emma Charles’s short film taught me the technique–and perspective–of visuals.


Now I know you’re confused. “Her video taught you visuals? Well obviously it did, it’s a video!” But I guess I mean exactly that. Videos have the power to use both sight and sound to convey a story or feeling. After having to record the audio scratches for our ecology last week, I realized that the videos were my chance to showcase my ecology in a another perspective. No spoilers, but so far, my audios had a limited extension of how to develop my ecology study. But with videos, I realized I had so many inspirations and ideas on how to use the spatial area of the subway (my ecology) on top atmosphere that the audio can capture in the video as well. And I guess that’s why I found Emma’s short film so helpful. Her video was shot so seamlessly well, the smooth transition and mixture of both the lulling sound and tunneling visuals perfectly depicted the clandestine nature of machinery.

As for “Greetings from the Salton Sea,” I took away a lot of inspirations from the way the photography was collected. They all had the same stark contrast of the vivid colors and dilapidated content. All of the photos held that same theme, and I wonder if I could somehow manipulate that into my gallery. Perhaps they could all have the similar, dark theme that I wanted to go with with the underground tunnel. But “Salton Sea’s” use of contrast really stuck with me, and now I’m wondering if I could try to capture both the underground AND above ground area of the subways. From there on, I pretty much opened new possibilities of how much deeper I can take my ecology by extending my research to above ground. Pretty much, both videos gave me a ton of inspiration on both the structuring and perspective that my film project can offer. I used to be pretty anxious about my video–what could I really show under a dark subway? But now, I feel more comfortable stepping into this part of the ecology. I can also hope that me taking these extra tips could give me more branches of my ecology that I can study into.




  • Diana (Daeun) Park

~ by mccdiana on October 24, 2016.

One Response to ““Connections on Machines””

  1. I think that you post was “most collaborative.” I like the way you tied together the ecology projects we watched for class and incorporated their styles into coming to terms with how you viewed them and what your hesitations are regarding your ecology.

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