Who Will You Pick? Snow White Or The Evil Queen?

A lot of time when we browse webpages, we skim the content, and we only stop to pay close attention to something when it really captures our interest at the first glance.

We sometimes think that the content is the king — as long as the article is good people will like it. THAT IS WRONG!!!

If a piece of media has nothing to drive people’s attention, people will actually just ignore it — it will not even get a chance to be read by the targeted audience.


When I first watch “Greeting from The Salton Sea,” I was surprised. I knew the videos that we were required to watch for last week were all about ecological issues. Therefore I expected the makers of the media contents to use scary images to raise the awareness to these ecological problems — in other words, before I watched the video, I expected to see scenery on a yellow-color sea which appears to be so disgusting that I can even feel like I can smell the odor through the image. I mean, it is normal for media content on environmental issues to make people feel bad and uncomfortable. Some of the content are so unpleasant that people actually feel afraid of them and refuse to see them (especially before they have meals). But the images of the problematic sea that are shown in “Greeting from The Salton Sea” are so artistic and beautiful. They are beautiful to an extent that they looked like oil-paintings and immediately caught my attention. But after I paid attention to them, I looked at them closely and realized that this beauty is distorted. It is sick. In addition, the video is also made like a advertisement for some holiday destination in California. So does the choice of the background music. Instead of making people feel disgusted, it makes people feel pleased and become willing to keep watching it. IT DOES A GOOD JOB IN CAPTURING PEOPLE’S ATTENTION.

The images we see in “Greeting from The Salton Sea” and the ordinary images that we see in an ecological media clip are like Snow White and the Evil Queen.





If you need to pick one of them and to take her to a dinner, who will you pick?

I bet any normal and rational person will choose the beautiful Snow White!

The audience are always doing the choice question between “Snow White” and “Evil Queen” when they are choosing contents to pay attention to. No one wants to be disgusted and to watch extremely unpleasant stuffs.

Actually, “Greeting from The Salton Sea” is not the only one that uses this technique. The opening of “Food Inc.” is full of animation and is made like the opening of some “Dreamwork films.” It is great. It catches people’s attention by being a contract to traditional document movies.

These two media content above teaches me that document movies on ecological problems can also be entertaining and beautiful, and it is better for them to be entertaining and beautiful.

“Fragment on Machines” is certainly an inspiring piece of media content; However, it may seems a little bit boring (Or at least, it is boring to me). I remember when I watched it, I had to force myself not to fall asleep. This piece of media does a good job in digging deeply to the ecological problem and rising awareness of something a lot of people do not know. However, it is not attractive enough, and to me, it is easy for it to lose people’s attention.

I realized that in order to make my ecology project a good one, I should either dig the problem deeply like “Fragment on Machines” does or make it attractive and entertainment like “Greeting from the Salton Sea” and “Food Inc.” do. I will try my best to achieve both. When I do the video clip for the project, I want to make it one like Hollywood movie, I will try to reference to some action movies. I am currently thinking about running while shooting the video, and to use the video camera to look around and getting lost in the crowded in which almost everyone is looking at their phones and cameras and paying no attention to the real world.

I want my project to be a Snow White, not an Evil Queen.



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4 Responses to “Who Will You Pick? Snow White Or The Evil Queen?”

  1. Best in preaching! You start out asserting your opinion “We sometimes think that the content is the king — as long as the article is good people will like it. THAT IS WRONG!!!” and I LOVE that. It made me want to read on and hear what you had to say. You also carry your argument in such a creative way, painting two sides being Snow White and the Evil Queen. You follow through and relate to the films in saying how “These two media content above teaches me that document movies on ecological problems can also be entertaining and beautiful, and it is better for them to be entertaining and beautiful.” – all I have left to say is amen to that!

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Roche 🙂

  2. Best Immersive Experience – It makes sense that the content of your post is about how to get people’s attention, seeing that the post itself is an attention grabber as well! The intriguing title, the gifs, the red sentences, and the images of Snow White all contribute to creating an eye-catching blog post, and the writing within the post is clear and easy to understand as well! – Kai

  3. Best in Comparison/Imagery: I loved your comparison to snow white and the evil queen. You make the reader think about the content we look at in our everyday lives. Why is it that people inclined to pick pleasant things? You catch the reader’s attention with your bolded texts, disney references and “That is wrong!!!”
    You give the reader a clear direction of where your ecology is headed towards and that is the beautiful. Good luck!

  4. Most interesting and best comparison, I really like you analogy and comparison of snow white and evil queen, your layout also really catch reader’s eyes and attention. The writing really is also logical in giving me a clear direction of where your ecology is going toward.

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