Incorporating Sounds and Sights

The various theoryMaking projects viewed for class served as an inspiration for me in planning the video, soundtrack, and design of my website. Techniques used in these projects stress the contribution and importance of sound to a video, and visuals that effectively capture the viewer’s attention. In examining these projects, I was inspired to incorporate some of these techniques into my own…

Food, Inc. is a video that has played a role in shaping the way I want to film my video. Specifically, techniques used in the beginning of the film particularly stood out to me. For example, at the beginning of the film when the grocery cart is being pushed down the aisle, it feels as if the viewer is behind the cart. When I create my video, I hope to incorporate a similar visualization. There are two ideas I have of ways to implement this idea. The first is to have the opening shot of my film feature a plate filled with vegan food and use a fork to “feed” the camera lens, making the viewer feel as if they are sitting at a table with this plate in front of them. The second idea I have is to film shots from my eye level as I enter vegan restaurants or other sites for my ecology to make the viewer feel as if they are entering these places on their own and walking through them.


Another technique I noticed was the use of an intense and fast-paced voiceover featured in the opening scenes of Gasland. I think that the way in which this sound works with the visuals featured in the film capture the viewer’s attention and help to portray the affect of the ecology. I plan to utilize a similar technique of sound when creating my video. I may choose to incorporate voiceovers into some of my shots that have a tone that helps emphasize the information I hope to relay to my viewers. Because I am studying the environmental effects of veganism as well as its effects on one’s health, I may have a voiceover that states facts and statistics, to captivate the viewer’s attention as they watch my film. Lastly, the Greetings From The Salton Sea Installation features images that have been edited. The bold colors and detailed quality of the pictures captured my attention as I browsed through the gallery.


I will incorporate some of these editing techniques when manipulating photos on photoshop to add to my gallery. Specifically, adding saturation and sharpening my images will make them more clear and help in making them stand out to viewers. Ultimately, in creating my video, I hope to incorporate some of these techniques of sound and captivating visuals present in these theoryMaking projects.

~ by sydneyng on October 25, 2016.