The Affect of the 45th President

donald-trump-ce17caebe0bea3aaWhat was your initial reaction when you saw this image?


What was your initial reaction when you saw this image?

Personally, my first reaction when I see these images is:12-kandi-eye-roll

After I’m able to process the image as a disturbance; seeing this privileged, wrinkled, orange, trust fund baby who was put in office to push white nationalism and xenophobia in the United States. For others, their initial reaction is a jerk back in their chair, or a widening of the eyes. Later they are able to proccess this as fear and anger. Because as of February 20, 2017, Trump is making the minority life miserable, through his hateful xenophobic rhetoric that has incited his supporters to perform hate crimes. Or lawfully through his executive orders that have lead to ICE Raids and Checkpoints around the New York City that are breaking up families.


Trump’s whole campaign was based on affect and appealing to the feelings of fear in “the other.” White nationalism was “dying” in America through the prior presidency of Obama and Trump brought it back with a major lively resurgence.


Although, we all know Trump is an idiot, who was chosen to be the figurehead for the beliefs of the Republican Party, the amount of affect that is able to get from just seeing his gifs are amazing. His election resulted in this:

ku-klux-klan-endorses-trump vs   trump-protest-1024x709

I’m obviously siding with the not my president protests as reflected through the voice in this blog post. But by that, I’d like to exercise that same type of affect in my website. In “Transmission of Affect” Brennan speaks on the transition of the transmission of affect moving from consciousness to unconsciousness and the fact that the transmission is not rooted in individualism but rather are brought on through an interaction with other people and an environment. In my ecology, my site will be at protests where there is a lot of transmission of affect that happens on numerous levels from my observation. The protest as the site can be made up of different elements which can be seen as the protestors and the other protestors, the protestors and the cops, the protestors and the bystanders, and the protestors and the environment. All in which are interacting with each other on different levels and intersectionally transmitting affect. In “Autonomy of Affect” Musso suggests that affect is not based on and can not be equated with emotion but intensity can. However, since we do not have the vocabulary to describe affect, emotion is mistaken with equating to affect. Through my website, I’d like to transmit the high level of intensity that is seen at the site of the protests throughout my website. I’d like to do this through affective web design and paying close attention to the use of color as a strong affective tool.

giphyUntil my CSS skills get up there, I’ll just continue finding gifs that can express the idiocracy of Trump (like this one) and the rage of the protesters. Until next time, see y’all later!


~ by jazirac on February 20, 2017.

8 Responses to “The Affect of the 45th President”

  1. This was very engaging- the pictures and gifs kept me reading on, without getting bored because I wasn’t just reading long paragraphs!

  2. Engagement-Style Award! The movement from the GIFs immediately grabs my attention, and the way that you use captions in a direct address style really pulls me into this article. Good job!

  3. I vote this best overall. The topic of study is incredibly relevant which allows us to feel the affect of both the study and the response to the study very intimately. The post utilized evidence from the readings which supplemented the success of their response. The post also incorporated images and GIFS that engaged with the reader and maintained their interest throughout the entirety of the blog.

  4. This post won the engagement style award! I liked the use of pictures & gifs on your post, made it very memorable.

  5. I think this is the most engaging post because the author was able to strategically use images and gifs to impart the affect of the post and compliment the text.


  6. Egagement Style– I loves that you used gifs to demonstrate affect, very clever way to engage and hold my attention. The affect was very strong but it was also lulled by the humorous undertones of the post.

  7. 1.Engagement
    This post immediately kept me going with the gifs/pictures and the interactiveness of it was nice as well. It felt as if you were having a one-on-one conversation with me.

  8. 1. The most engaging post.

    I thought this post was the most engaging because it will synced with ones emotions. The quote “Because as of February 20, 2017, Trump is making the minority life miserable”, if you are a minority or even are friends of a minority this really touches your “heart” for lack of a better term. The first thing that came to mind was that video of middle school children chanting, “build the wall” that went viral a coupe of months ago. This really engaged me,

    In addition to this, the use of memes, photos, and gigs is visually simulating. This is over all engaging in terns of the written material and the photos.

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