Affects of Planned Parenthood

Affect is centered around the idea that everything has the power to affect something else — whether it be conscious or not. It is a body’s capacity to impinge upon another body and to be impinged upon. It is important to note that there is a difference between affect and emotion. In “The Autonomy of Affect,” Brian Massumi gives an example of a film of a snowman melting being shown to children. There were 3 versions of the film shown, one was completely silent, one had sad music and captions attached and the third had captions that described the scenario matter of factly. Massumi wrote that the children’s reactions were split emotionally and physiologically. They found that image intensity affected the children’s bodily responses and Massumi equates intensity with affect. According to Massumi, emotion is different because it is “intensity owned and recognized.” It is intensity that has been tied semantically to concepts we’ve already learned. In “The Transmission of Affect,” Theresa Brennan introduces the idea of affect by giving the example of entering a room and ‘feeling the atmosphere.’She writes that while affect is social and psychological in nature, it can produce physiological changes (2). Brennan thinks of affect as a “physiological shift accompanying a judgement” (5). The space that we are in can change how we feel psychologically as well as physically.

On my visit to the Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Health Center and the affects of that space: The Margaret Sanger Health Center is located on the corner of Bleecker St and Mott St. It was a quiet neighborhood and had more trees than other parts of the city which somehow made me feel more at ease. Most of the people I passed by on streets were out in the morning to get a cup of coffee or walk their dog. It felt safe. The first thing I saw when walking towards the building was a small group of pro-life protesters squatting and sitting on the side of the building. This was something that I had been worried about prior to beginning this visit and it definitely made me feel a little nervous and intimidated. But the protestors simply held up their signs and said nothing as I passed by. Inside Planned Parenthood, it was clean and quiet. There was a securityguard stationed by the door. There were a few women waiting in the waiting room, on their phones or reading books and there was a small table in the middle of the cluster of chairs littered with pamphlets in both English and Spanish. My entire experience there was calm and quiet.


~ by claud1014 on February 21, 2017.

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