To See New York, or to Feel New York

The streets of the Lower East Side often feel abandoned and obsolete in comparison to the commotion of their midtown and downtown counterparts. Yet, it is these midtown and downtown spaces that become infiltrated with aliens to the city, foreigners who voyage to understand the enigmatic space that New York is. But to understand New York, one must look past their tourist destinations and day-t0-day routines, and understand a hidden New York– A hidden New York that depicts the stories of not only the city, but of the people who have long since cultivated its culture, diversity, and history.

Walk with patience and understanding as you stroll through the streets, with a particular attentiveness to the hidden details painted on and across walls, sidewalks, corners, and crevices. Observe the manifest, but understand the latent. Each piece of art, massive or minuscule, is a puzzle piece, waiting to be found and connected to its broader pack. Find a puzzle piece commemorating a lost brother, then a puzzle piece reclaiming claimed territory, but do not stop there. Find a puzzle piece commissioned by the local infirmary, and then a puzzle piece calling for informed dissent, denouncing blind obedience.


Empathize with and for the conscious collective of New Yorkers and their stories. Empathize with the bits and pieces of vulnerability that was stripped off these artists back, solely to share a part of them, with you. 

Only then will you be able to not only see New York, but feel it.




~ by amuravyeva on February 21, 2017.

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