What matters about protest matters?

“What matters about protest matters?”

In trying to answer the question, first, I tried saying that three times fast



Didn’t work. But it did actually make me think about the question and my ecology. What matters about protests matters? I interpreted the question as “Why protests?” “Why is it important to base an entire semester on looking into the power of protests?” “Why should people be informed and why now?” It was hard at first because I didn’t want to give you a cliche answer but in order to answer my question I looked into answering the question as if it was posed in regards the other pieces of media that we’ve seen, documentaries Gasland and Plagues and Pleasures from the Salton Sea.


Let’s start with Plagues and Pressures from the Salton Sea. Does this picture not say enough? Well, let’s try to answer the question. What matters about Salton Sea matters?Like the documentary says the Salton Sea is a “ecological time bomb.” & Why is that?

Image result for image result for water cycle

Remember this from your high school living environment science class. It’s the water cycle. The ecological time bomb relies right in this diagram. Evaporation. Go take a look at the picture above this one and imagine if that water evaporated into the air. Disturbing? If not, it should be, because not only is the water from the sea evaporating but the toxins that are in the water are evaporating as well. Evaporating into the air we breathe, and later into the clouds and raining back down on the ground. This is not only dangerous to the inhabitants of Salton Sea and Bombay Beach. That’s because there is one added factor not incorporated in the water cycle. That’s the outside element, good old, wind. The fabulous wind pushes the evaporated toxic water, further then the noses of those in Bombay Beach and around Salton Sea, making this an issue for the greater areas in California. Maybe like…somewhere that generates billions of dollars in tourism yearly…less than 60 miles away from the Salton Sea…somewhere like…

Image result for Image result for palm springs resort family


The owners over at Palm Springs are probably well aware of the issues over at the Salton Sea, my only question to them would be, “When shit hits the fan, is you still a fan?”

Image result for kendrick lamar gif

*inserts Kendrick Lamar reference*

Bigger than that, when answering “What matters about Salton Sea matters?” It’s aided in destroying our planet, ecosystems, and wildlife. Advocacy and action is needed. Moving on to Gasland…

Image result for gasland gif

Wow, a fire breathing hose. Perfectly, normal. In looking at this picture and thinking about “What about fracking matters?” the answer is obviously that this should not be happening and not normal at all. You should not be able light your water supply whether it be your kitchen faucet or your watering hose on fire. No good. In answering what about fracking matters, there are so many answers, it causes cancer, pollutes the air, aids in global warming, pollutes the drinking water. Well then again this guy

Image result for gorman john halliburton

John Gorman, Vice-President of Halliburton Canada, a fracking company, says that fracking is harmless! Well look at him, I’d believe anything that comes out of us his mouth. Him and his collegues also enjoyed a cool glass of fracking water at the meeting of the Quebec Oil and Gas Association. CONVENIENT!

Halliburton Canada vice-president John Gorman (left) and Michael Binnion, President of QOGA and CEO of Questerre Energy Corp., drank fracking fluid at a Quebec industry event earlier this week.

*mmm, good*

Shifting back to the matters of fracking matters,  it is an ongoing issue in the United States that needs to be publicly known, stopped and should not be masked by the devils in suits over at the gas and oil associations.

That leads us to protests!

What matters about protest matters?

Trump Tower

Protesting matters because there is a power that ignites when people come together to resist. With the recent election of the 45th president of the United States, we haven’t been so United in some respects. It kind of feels like the Union vs the Confederates. Image result for trump gif wwe

In such a short period, former TV personality turned leader of the “free world” and his “state of the art” administration have done nothing but set the US 60 years behind. Trump and his administration are actually the “they” that DJ Khaled is talking about. They don’t wanna see us win. Anyway, Trump’s disastrous executive orders and politics have pushed those against him to unite, and fight. Why is this important though? Because there is extreme power in constant protesting and….a change is gonna come.

Image result for sam cooke
*inserts Sam Cooke reference (may be before your time)*

But really changes do come out of protests, look at the civil rights movement, women’s right movement, and the temperance movement. Three major movements that impact how our (American) society works in current day. Blacks aren’t colored, women aren’t restricted to household duties and children and alcohol possession isn’t equivalent to marijuana possession. All through a series of resistance. But why do protests matter now? Because there is no greater time then now to resist, we have an administration that is literally creating constant injustices for all citizens not apart of the one percent. We need to come together now to lift our voices and resist.  PROTESTS MATTER Y’ALL! My last words to you all are…

Image result for fight the power gif

okay that was my last lyrical reference,

see y’all later!


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  1. I vote this as “Best for the World” because i think you are trying to hit a younger demographic with this post and I think you’ve done a really good job here. You are so interactive and the amount of references you throw in are so fun. Breaking up the text with images and jokes is really important to keep the attention of your reader. It is not only easy to read but it is also important and really focuses on the important information you are saying matter. Overall great post!

    So just to be clear my reasonings are:

    1. Comprehensive while also being funny and light.
    2. Images break down the text and make it easier to read.

  2. This is probably the most engaging blog post so far. For many different reasons. I will start off with a list.

    1. So many different references that many people can engage with. Hip, entertainment wrestling, comedy, cinema and etc.

    2. The Humor

    3. The interactive media is engaging.

    In addition to including many different references that resonate with different audiences. The blog post is funny. Protests can be a touchy subject, however it a something that needs to be talked about. So the way it is delivered in this blog post helps talk about protests in a positive light. Also, the photos of the lake in the readings really tell a narrative about the environmental injustice.

    Thank you,
    Michael Rivas

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