Protest Matters Matter

When I was younger I remember being really inspired by Rosa Parks and her sit-in on the bus. I think listening to her story changed my life. As a young girl seeing a women of color affect her surroundings so deeply and set a course for change was extremely important to me. Her simple no made a huge difference, a simple no from a woman of color reverberated across people and decades. This was important to me because I was shown that one person can make a huge difference. Standing up for what you believe in is not futile and will change something, even if it might be small.
I have carried this lesson with me into adulthood. Today, as always, there are injustices to fight against. Protesting allows people to create a uniform voice. A huge amount of people coming together to express their dislike and anger for an issue. Although marching might be a method of protest that does not result in any concrete changes it can change minds and encourage discussions. Protest is protest and it is important.

Art is another big method of protest. Robert Kenner made a documentary protesting the food industry for its malpractices. This documentary deeply affected a lot of people. The issues he discussed should be recognized by everyone and it is important for him to continue with his work. Protest in art is something that can really affect people and cause them to change. This sort of thing is also seen in Greetings from the Salton Sea by Kim Stringfellow and Nuclear Wasteland by Valerie Kuletz. Whether it is art or literature it is still bringing attention to and bringing forth a position on the issue at hand.
Protest allows people to share their opinions and open dissent towards an issue. Lets take women’s rights for example, although not everyone thinks that women’s rights are an issue, 3.2 million people marched to prove to them otherwise. It only takes one person to bring about an issue that is important to them and in the end that is all that matters. When one partakes in protest all they have to keep in mind is their voice and what it stands for. Ideally, their voice will reverberate across generation, just like Rosa Parks.


~ by lb2843 on March 29, 2017.

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