Navigating the Story-Telling Process

After last week’s class, I began to re-evaluate my project in terms of how best to deliver my message. I intend to revamp my website not only in terms of overall web design but also in terms of detailed content. I would first go through my conceptual blueprint according to the grid I designed for last week, and then to the details of possible execution.

I got most of my inspiration for revision from the project “Greetings from the Salton Sea,” mostly because it is also a Web Installation, and I can learn a lot from the design and content navigation, which forced me to rethink about my project.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 11.28.07 PM

In terms of web design, I drew my inspiration from the Salton Sea Website. The photo slides on the homepage are impactful because each photo actually showcases a different side of Salton Sea and tell a different story. When you press “Explore the Salton Sea,” the different sections actually match with the individual stories, with an addition of the Google Map. I want to redesign my website so that each final product I want to present could be shown on the main page, and when my audience sees the actual presentation page, my language could guide them into a story setting. I want to arrange my photos so that it first tells stories of language barrier, and then to how helps are offered, as well as the good consequences. I would definitely try to take more impactful photos. See the gallery below for a potential sequence:

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Since video is an important part of my project, I surfed through the internet to look for videos that are related to aging population and senior centers, and I found a short video entitled “Lisa Ling’s Struggle with her Aging Father | Our America with Lisa Ling | Oprah Winfrey Network” on YouTube. I find the video engaging because it is about how a senior citizen falls in love with a senior center after visiting it with his daughter. The video is coupled with Lisa-Liang’s voice-over which introduces the background and the senior center, as well as a tour that includes a guide from the administrator and chats with the residence. I found the video what I imagine my ideal video to be like, and one thing precious I learned from the video is that it includes a personal interview with Lisa Liang’s father, who talks about why he does not want to live in a senior center that serves like an institution. If possible, I want to interview one of the members of Nan Shan Senior Center and learn about his/her heart-felt opinion about the center.


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