Revising and Designing

After being able to figure out the basic mechanics of HTML and learning other media techniques, I’ve created content and put it on a website. But now, I want to be able to turn that content into affect. I want to turn that content into something that will impact people to think more about the role they play in our environment. Below are three of my ideas to enhance my website.

Aesthetic: Clean but not too clean

One of the major problems with the current state of my website is that it all seems to be too clean to be talking about pollution. Generally, when I think about designs I tend to go towards straight lines, geometric shapes, and white. I still want to incorporate the way that I design into my website, but I also plan to make it a little messier by adding an ombré effect to the background of the website. I got inspiration by looking at the photo of the air pollution below that was published by C Dynamics online. I want to make the top of the website a dark shade of grey and move downwards towards a lighter grey.

web inspo.jpg

Image Source:

Text/Font: Story telling

I still haven’t found the right font for my topic but I am continuously searching for one. I was really impacted by both the Food, Inc documentary by Robert Kenner and the Gasland documentary by Josh Fox. In Food, Inc, a Purdue farmer was interviewed about the industry operations and effects Within her statement Carole Morrison says “It’s just gotten to the point that it’s not right what’s going on an I’ve just made up my mind. I’m going to say what I have to say” (Robert Kenner. Food, Inc). She exposed the way that the chickens are treated to show how the system is failing environmentally and ethically to make room for more money. Then in Gasland, Josh Fox gets several people on his journey to show him the way that the water from their very own faucets are going up into flames. He presented every persons story in a way that made me feel like it was a burden that I had to carry. He also showcased the absence of most environmental representatives, which created a greater sense of desperation for the people (Gasland. Josh Fox.). Both examples contain genuine emotion and story telling. I want to rearrange my text to tell a compelling story the way these documentaries did instead of coming across as very straightforward, traditional academic work. Once I start interviewing people I plan to use their stories throughout the website so that I can make the topic more personal. I also want to incorporate text into my video (I will expand on this point below).

Images/Video: Interesting

I realize that my images seem to be too scattered and don’t have enough description. I plan to provide more descriptions and increase the quality of the photos. Earlier I mentioned wanting to incorporate text into my video. To do this I want to make a kind of animation, which will help with telling a story. This video published by Frontiers in Sustainability on Youtube will give you an idea of the type of text-incorporated animation I would like to attempt (Individual Sustainability. Frontiers in Sustainability). I think this component will keep my audience more engaged.


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