Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge


Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is a vibrant ecosystem and a federally protected wildlife refuge. The Refuge is home to numerous species from bats, to fungi. It is laso in the migratory path for hundreds of species of birds. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge the only national wildlife refuge in the country you can get to by subway.


But most importantly, it experienced a devastating change due to frequent and intense recent storms, including hurricane Sandy. Those changes majorly affected the Bay’s coastline, which is crucial to the park’s natural and cultural ecosystems as they’re dependent on the park’s water bodies.


Currently, volunteers and park employees are working hard to restoring the natural resources back to normal and the bay is slowly recovering from Sandy disruption of the freshwater ponds, by bringing salt water into its ecosystem. However, the species and ecology of the park will take years to recover.


In the mean time, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is still at risk of future storms. Taking a closer look at the natural habitat for numerous living species, we will learn more about it. More specifically we will gain more awareness about the species’ and ecology’s behavior their behavior before, during, and after the natural disaster. This will, additionally, give us a better idea of the critical changes that occurred and the consequences of them that we and the ecology experience today.

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