Too​ Lazy to walk!

bayway8-1.JPGThere is much misconception that people believe about the individuals that live in low-income housings. For example, some people believe these communities are lazy and are not motivated to find employment; they associate with violence and low achievements that take advantage of the taxpayer’s money, they have no motivations and want to live a less than meteoric life. However, what if the people in this community are imprisoned, and that imprisonment is preventing them from achieving upward mobility. What if these people are enduring mental health issues that’ll prevent them from finding employment and search for a better quality of life. What if the women that live there are suffering from domestic violence and are struggling with low self-esteem because their boyfriends abuse them; psychologically and physically. What if their boyfriends are so frustrated with all the racial discrimination that is acquired through the social construct of the society they live in, and then take out their frustration on the people they love; their girlfriends and community. What if these are the only options they have because of structural entities, welfare, section eight, and other government programs that supposedly are there for resources but instead, create detrimental factors that prohibit low-income housing residents climb the latter to success. What if their nutrition sucks? That they cannot even get good quality food because the supermarkets that are available to them do not carry it and those that do are too far? Thus creating nutritional negligence for the little boys and girls which end up creating new problems such as autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and other learning disabilities.

food4.JPGfood3.JPGfood2.jpgWhen people walk through the Bayway projects, it should not take them long to feel that an emotional precarity that that exists in this space. When I walk through I can feel something is wrong here, I may not see right away, but I feel it if I did not go and see for myself maybe I would not have these emotions of precarity. Maybe my emotions would be dormant from seeing the reality that exists there. This experience reminds me of the reading, The Posthuman Glossary: Affect Turn, written by Heather Houser, where it questions, can there be affect without the human? She goes out to explains and question if affect can be present in worldly things and if it is necessary for humans to physically present in order for affect to existing. Houser demonstrates that in order for affect to be real there have to be emotions tied to it. She quotes, “The continuity between these terms suggests, at a minimum that affect and emotion both revolve around a human perceiver and feeler. ” (AffectTurn16) Therefore, if there is no human interaction affect does not exist. Physical objects can inspire emotion, but without the human there it would not have emotion. Also, the same goes with the emotions I feel with precarity in the Bayway projects.

mama1.JPGAnother example of the precarity in the Bayway Projects is the racial demographics that occupy these low-income space. The majority of the residents are black with the remaining population being Latix decent. The African Amercian population has a strong tied with being disenfranchised because of the color of their sick. They have had to overcome several obstacles, like jim crow laws, redlining, and others in order to been seen human and find some mobility. In the reading, Afrofuturism, from the book Posthuman Glossary, Roman Amaro explains how aesthetic technology counterparts of blackness are strongly tied with the struggle for equality that African Americans in the United States encounter. He quotes,”…the subject of the body cam or racial profiling, the efficiency of redlined pricing and other technologies that disproportionately reduce the maneuverability of black people. For technology has been, and remains today, an insufficient means of liberation for the black body. “(Afrofuturism18)
A further example of technology are car service companies like Uber and Lift that use GPS system technology, which does not have any of the Bayway Projects address in their system. Therefore most residents would have to use the address 666 Clarkson Ave, which happens to be my mother’s address in order to get pick-up by a Lift or Uber. This one obstacle explains how the residents of the Bayway projects reduce the maneuverability in finding employment, better quality grocery, however, who cares that senior citizens, a mother with children and the disabled have to walk a couple of blocks, so an Uber or Lyft pick them up. Maybe they are lazy and do not want to walk a couple of blocks. Who knows right?

Rosi Braidotti, et al The Posthuman Glossary

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  1. Under the weather :(, I really like your perspective on it, my only advice would be to use concrete facts or maybe even quotes of misconceptions, like when you say “it should not take them long to feel the emotional precarity” you could even get some sort of interview/audio of this ambiance.

  2. Under the weather post – I think this post could have used a lot more information derived from research or interviews that you could have done. Also, some of the writing is a little bit over the top. When you say, ” what if the people in this community are imprisoned, and that imprisonment is preventing them from achieving upward mobility. What if these people are enduring mental health issues that’ll prevent them from finding employment and search for a better quality of life”. A lot of these “what if” statements retracts from the argument if you don’t provide research and statistics that substantiate them.

  3. # undertheweather reward – Informative post and revealing connections with the readings. It can have better affect is the writing tone is more carefully considered. Although, style is unique to every writer and we are passionate about our ecologies, using casual language and remarks such as “sucks” is not descriptive enough and takes away from the overall vibe and topic of the issue.

    In addition, the readings could be more intertwined with the site. More in-depth connection with the readings could help to communicate further meaning and bring the reader closer to understand and relate to the topic.

  4. Weather
    I feel really sorry for giving you this award. I just feel like I have a problem understanding your goal of writing this article. I don’t know when you end with the paragraph “a further example of technology”. I like how informative your blog post is. I just feel like it can be more organized.

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